Fit For An Autopsy


The crushing music of Fit For An Autopsy is for any fan of extreme metal, its sound and fury absolutely unflinching in purpose. The band expertly blends excessive, force-fueled death metal with atmospheric groove and impassioned personal diatribes, reflecting back the dark state of current events. Their fifth studio album, The Sea Of Tragic Beasts, doesn’t waste time with fantasy bullshit or cliché gore horror. Fit For An Autopsy are metal guys, to be certain, but they grew up in the hardcore scene. They embrace the responsibility to put as much devoted purpose into their lyrics and message as they do into their dense, heady, songs, forging a magnificently powerful new "post-deathcore." 


“When I write a song, I’m trying to feel emotionally connected to it. I really don’t like saying things that don’t matter over music that I want to matter,” says Will Putney, producer/guitarist, principal songwriter and co-founder. “We’ve always addressed serious topics going back to our first album.  Anyone who really looks around at the current state of the world should be able to relate to the aggression, anger, frustration, and sadness often communicated in our music."


Putney’s fellow guitarist/co-founder, Patrick Sheridan, strongly agrees. He emphasizes that while the music of Fit For An Autopsy may evolve it will always be aggressive and will always have purpose. “We think it's important to carry that torch. Somebody's got to say something about what's going on. If you're not using your music, which is a great platform, for something meaningful that you care about on some level, then you're wasting it.” 


The six men of the New Jersey based group – which includes vocalist Joe Badolato, bassist Peter Spinazola, third guitarist Tim Howley, and drummer Josean Orta – put maximum intent into everything they do. They are constantly challenging themselves as musicians, adding to the band’s creative arsenal, connecting with audiences around the world, and supporting one another in the band. 


Fit For An Autopsy buckled down in the fall of 2018 to prepare what may just be their defining moment, the Nuclear Blast / Human Warfare debut The Sea Of Tragic Beasts.  The intention of Fit For An Autopsy to truly carve their own path appears to have been triumphantly realized.  


The title track wastes no time demonstrating the unbridled primitive aggression and intensity the group has come to perfect.  "Mirrors" weaves in and out of saddened passages, chaotic metal, and atmospheric ambience of epic proportions, all while maintaining thoughtful expressions on the human condition.  "Shepherd" could very well go down as a melodic death metal classic, and its cascade into the deeply impassioned "Your Pain Is Mine" is a shining testament to this band's versatility and musical prowess.  Socially conscience themes are once again abundant and blunt. 

There's an underlying urgency to the personal exploration on this album, and an almost desperation to the tone and delivery of Badolato that truly breaks down the boundaries of extreme music, and crosses into a much more connected conduit with the listener.  One thing is clear at the end of this 45-minute journey, there is no stopping Fit For An Autopsy from their realizing their vision as musicians. And in all honesty, who would want to.


Fit For An Autopsy is:


Joseph Badolato - Vocals

Patrick Sheridan - Guitar

Timothy Howley - Guitar

Will Putney - Guitar

Peter Blue Spinazola - Bass

Josean Orta Martinez - Drums