Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea Of Tragic Beasts

Announce their new album “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” + release music video for first single ‘Mirrors’

Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea Of Tragic Beasts_1500px.jpg

Pre-order The Sea Of Tragic Beasts in various digital and physical formats from Human Warfare in (ANZ) and Nuclear Blast (ROW).

Track listing:

01 - The Sea Of Tragic Beasts

02 - No Man Is Without Fear

03 - Shepherd

04 - Your Pain Is Mine

05 - Mirrors

06 - Unloved

07 - Mourn

08 - Warfare

09 - Birds Ov Prey

10 - Napalm Dreams

Catch Fit For An Autopsy on The Sea Of Tragic Beasts album release tour

Thy Art Is Murder - Death Squad Anthem


Thy Art Is Murder have delivered another master lesson in brutality via their new single/video “Death Squad Anthem”. A champion for the youth who are fed up with the current political system, “Death Squad Anthem” is the second cut lifted from their earth-scorching fifth record, Human Target, set for release on July 26 via Nuclear Blast (ROW) and Human Warfare (AU/NZ).

“Death Squad Anthem” is a blazing examination of the current state of politics riddled with hyperactive virtue signalling, extremism and disenfranchisement. The despondency of “Death Squad Anthem” is brought to life with stark socio-political traumatic scenes of warfare, genocide, police states, brutality famine and riots interspersed with those at the helm of the atrocities.


It brings us great pleasure to be announcing the debut single for the most exciting young heavy band in Australia - DEALER, with their aggression ladled track CROOKED.

With former members of Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf, Sydney’s Northlane and Perth’s Iconoclast the stage is set for unleashing their unique brand of vicious-but-melancholic nu-metal infused metalcore